Building blocks

The Hummingbird CMS uses the following building blocks to present your site:

Simple text areas which is full editable.

Menu for navigation, panels with header and footer  and wells to highlight information, Carousels to cycle images with slide or fade effect with text belonging to each picture,  slider to present your customers, brands etc. or highlight your favorite or best selling products, info cards presenting your workers, contact form to make it possible for your visitors to send you a mail without to expose e-mail addresses. (spam protection) Flash module to show your promotions (both modal and inline versions, the modal version shows up only one time for each visitor), news module as list or to show latest news. Simple collapse module.

Comprehensive product modul to showcase your product. The module have a sidemenu for navigating across your product categories, subcategories and products with optional animations. The products presented on product cards with picture, name, short description, with or without price. There is a possibility for promotional prices. The module has it's own admistration wich makes it easy to add and manage product categories, subcategories. There is unlimited number of product categories and subcategories  (tree structure), and unlimited number of products and the products can belong to any number of categories. It is possible to set up downloadable pdf files for each product.

Admin surface







No head no footer

Here is some example of panels to the left. The head area shows the background color, the body shows the text color and the footer shows the border color. The last one is without header and footer.

On the right a carousel examle with fade effect.

Legfrisebb hír:

Version 2.4 - Under development

  • New page creation
    • 4 page templates including empty page
    • dropdown for select the template the new page created upon.
  • Add  elements to columns
    • row
    • col (inserts the new col before the actual col)
    • carousel
    • slider
    • alert
    • panel
    • collapse
    • paralax
    • and text
  • add elements to container
    • paralax
    • row
  • add column to row
  • Styling in 4 phases
    • Applying theme
    • Applying styles to special elements
    • Load userstyles.css
    • Applying style from configuration menu for selected elements